The Daily Spam Report 1/20: Spam(urgent)

mallard-duck0-1My wife has been getting a little frustrated with me lately because, for some reason, I’ve fallen in love with the phrase, “It is what it is.”

The kids without a nap will get into trouble right around dinner. It is what it is.

The dishwasher will not turn on its own despite my best intentions to run it. It is what it is.

The Chicago Cubs debut a mascot named Clark in an effort to relate to younger fans who have no history with their 100-year-plus World Series-less streak. It is what it is which in this case is a cubbie bear with no pants. (

So, when I got the following email in my in-box on Friday, titled “Spam:urgent,” sometimes it really is what it is.

Since though I’m committed to leaving you with some tangible information about the efforts to spam/scam you. I find it interesting that this individual spells his/her name differently in the text and in his/her signature.

If you can’t spell your own name right in an unsolicited overseas email to coerce me into doing business with you, then I’m not going to fall for it.

Maybe it really is what it is or as a former News Director of mine liked to say, “If it looks like a duck and it sounds like a duck, chances are, it’s a duck.

If you have an email you want to warn your neighbors about, please sent it to me: and then, just hit delete.

Hope you had a great weekend.


—–Original Message—–
From: rahaman []
Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2014 12:00 PM
Subject: Spam:urgent

Dear Sir(Urgent)

Good day to you and your family, I apologize if the content here under are contrary to your moral ethics but please treat with absolute secrecy and personal.

My name is Engr. Dr. Rahaman Malik from Damascus Syria. I am now 48 years Old, and i am now a retired government officials I was former personal investor & financial consultant advisers to some Top Politician in Syria, also an oil Tycoon from Syria and Saudi Arabia. Al Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC) the leader in the region in Reservoir Management AFPC was established under Service Contract no. 210 ratified by Law no. 43 of 1977 and named as per decree-law no.12 in 1985.

AFPC is a joint venture company between the General Petroleum Corporation (50%) and private shareholders Syria Shell Petroleum Development (SSPD) etc I have plan to relocate my investment planning to your beautiful country, out of Syria, Now that Syria security and our Economic independent has been lost to the greatest lower level, and our culture has been lost forever and our happiness has been taking away from us, i will like to relocate my family out from Syria, here in my country there is fire on the mountain, i need a foreign partner to enable me transport my investment capital and then relocate with my family, honestly, i wish you and i will discuss more and get along, i need a partner because i don’t have any bank account outside Syria.

Am interested in buying properties houses, Building real estate and some tourist places,I will appreciate your idea and knowledge regarding this or any other profitable investment you may suggest, on my next email i will explain to you the full details of this investment Proposal.

I shall tell you more about myself and my family on my next email, upon your respond, you may as well tell me little more about yourself. i’m waiting for your good responds.

Waiting for your reply.


Engr. Dr. Rahman Malik