The Principled Politician

Publication Date: January 4, 2008

Negative press was nothing new for Colorado governor Ralph Carr, a rare breed of politician who held his ground against popular opinion and was ahead of the curve in championing civil rights. Serving as governor during the anti-Japanese hysteria of World War II, Carr surprised and angered legions of voters — and faced threats of impeachment — when he became the only political leader in the country to champion the constitutional rights of Japanese Americans and welcome them to his state.

Seasoned reporter Adam Schrager brings to life for the first time the full story of his honest and principled man who was largely forgotten by Colorado and never known by his country.PullQuote-PrincipledThe story begins with Carr’s unwilling candidacy– Republican colleagues and friends had to talk him into running in the gubernatorial race. He won handily, and then quickly catapulted to the top of the national Republican Party. He was being talked about as a possible presidential candidate and was even offered the vice-presidential nomination in 1940. But when the anti-Japanese sentiment began to rise after Pearl Harbor, his popularity quickly began to fall.

Blending archival materials with exceptional story-telling, Schrager paints a vivid portrait of Carr and his inspiring yet little-known legacy.

The Principled Politician is a well-researched, fast-moving biography that explores not only the motivations of an important historical figure, but the nuances of a complex man and turbulent time in our nation’s history.