“Adam Schrager is the rare combination of being an engaging and disciplined storyteller. He demonstrates a command of the subject matter in an easy going, personable way – both while presenting and answering audience questions. The story he tells about Ralph Carr introduces a modern audience to a courageous if flawed leader otherwise lost to history. What the governor did, and why he did it, has lessons for us today. Schrager brings audience members through Carr’s story and allows them to make the connections for themselves. It is light to the touch audience discovery rather than heavy-handed lecturing. Behind the curtain, through multiple engagements, Schrager has proven to be flexible, easy to work with, refreshingly low maintenance and genuinely interested in the success of the events.”

Paul W. Taylor, Ph.D.
Chief Content Officer
e.Republic, Inc. and Editor at Large

“I’ve given hundreds of speeches over the last 40 years and witnessed many hundreds more. I know what good public speaking is, and I can tell you that Adam Schrager is very, very good. The story he tells about Ralph Carr is dynamic, inspiring, and one that American audiences very much need to hear.”

Mark Funkhouser, Ph.D.
Former Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri

“Adam, I attended the Texas Leadership Forum in Austin and was very impressed with your keynote address. The experience was one of the best I have had in a long time. Hopefully, we will all stop and think in every situation before we engage in inappropriate knee jerk reactions. I appreciate you taking time to come and share your great message with so many of us.”

Bill Warnick
General Counsel
Texas General Land Office

“Adam, thank you for finding this story and making it come alive in your presentation. Your passion for understanding why people sometimes DO do the right thing is well channeled through Ralph Carr. I can’t wait to absorb it more by reading the book.”

Jenny Emery
Chief Executive Officer
Association of Governmental Risk Pools (AGRiP)

“Great”, “excellent”, “terrific”, “profound” and “moving” were among the descriptors my colleagues used. And, everyone I heard from, including Dave Hayasaka himself, mentioned how touched he was by the session. This story is not something people expect hear at an “insurance” conference. I had hoped for a unique way to present ethics, which you did; along with a bonus history lesson about a circumstance for which most people are unaware. I am anxious for Craig and Bill to get back with my copy of your book.”

Harold Pumford
Semi-retired Public Entity Governance & Ethics Consultant and Rancher

“Adam was a pleasure to work with as well as to hear. His account of Gov. Carr’s exemplary career was informative, engaging and frankly inspiring. He was able to remind us that, even in these days of difficulty and distrust among public servants, that there can be (and were) some who rose to the better angels of their nature. From Adam’s presentation, Gov. Carr emerged as the model of leader we need for the hard decisions of our time.”

Ryan Budd
Quinnipiac University Law School Federalist Society Chairman

“After learning more about Ralph Carr, I must say, he is on my top 3 list of political idols, and that list includes Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.”

Steven Collier
Student Body President
University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

“the impact your talk…made on the audience was undoubtedly significant. In fact, one staff member (a Japanese lady) from the engineering department couldn’t stop telling me how glad she was to decide to come to your talk rather than another commitment she had at the same time.”

Sufumi So, Ph.D.
Advisor, Japanese Studies Minor Program
Department of Modern and Classical Languages
George Mason University
4400 University Drive, MS 3E5
Aquia 326, Fairfax, VA 22030

I highly recommend Adam Schrager for a presentation to your group. He gave a program at 2012 High Plains Chautauqua (HPC) about Colorado Governor Ralph Carr, “The Principled Politician.” Adam shared his extensive knowledge gained in researching his book on the topic. This fit the 2012 HPC theme, “Courage and Conviction in America,” perfectly, but would also be timely for just about any audience. So many presenters think that, to appear polished and professional, they have to use a PowerPoint slide show (which often ends up being power-pointless). Adam simply shared the inspiring story of Governor Carr in his very engaging manner and then fielded questions.

Jane Adams, Director
High Plains Chautauqua
4919 W. 12th Street Road
Greeley, CO 80634