The Daily Spam Report 11/1: “Winner of US$338 million”

apple photoLast month, we took the kids to a local apple orchard with some friends. On the way there, our 4-year-old son was asking how he’d be able to get the apples off the trees since the trees were so high.

It was a good question from a really inquisitive kid (wonder where he gets that from?) and it led to a conversation around the tried-and-true phrase, “low-hanging fruit.” My wife and I shared with him that he could pick apples from the shorter branches and if there was something he really wanted, I’d hoist him on my shoulders so he could get higher.

Anyhow, this story came to mind when I got the message below. Since email is so cheap to send and lists of addresses are so easy to obtain, every now and again, you get an email like this which will only appeal to those most susceptible to fraud. That said, it’s being sent out because those folks are out there.

In our desire to not let you become one of them, we’ve posted this and will raise some of the following questions about it. Do you understand the idea of getting a lottery ticket from a bottle shop? Me either. I Google’d it and couldn’t find anything that helps illuminate this for me.

Secondly, the email is sent from a different address from the one they want you to respond to. That’s an obvious red flag.

I can’t figure out whether this was allegedly a lottery in the U.S. or one in the Netherlands.

Finally, I love that the email they want you to reply to includes the words, “trustgroup.” That, my friends, is ironic.

So, in summary, no one reaches out to you blindly to tell you that you may have won part of a lottery where tickets are bought at bottle shops and that lottery crashed computers nationwide without telling you which country that is. I’m confused even typing up that sentence which probably breaks every grammatical rule in the English language.

Better to do that than let you fall for this.

Have a great weekend.


—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 1:22 PM
Subject: winner of US$338 million

winner of US$338 million
Do email us here back:

IT IS now known a winner of US$338 million , lottery ticket was selected through Internet  from companies bottle shop but it remains a mystery who their email appear to be lucky winners, We don’t know a lot of detail yet because there are so many entries but we urge anyone who received this notification should Email us via:  ,or call us,+31 617-464- 430

Each member will claim a first division share of  US 30000. The record lottery crashed websites across the country as the companies bottle shop  logged on their yearly lottery secret ballot,Ticket Nr, 08-19-31-33-39, Star Lucky Nr: 07- 22-102, code win nr,031, Do  Email us back by your agent email at:

The email users golden-ticket winners  were spread across Netherlands agencies To all the lucky winners Enjoy your good fortune ,  Sincerely Mrs. Irena Ruud, Groningen Notification  Center the netherland our phone number as follows: +31
617-464- 430,kindly Email us back via: