The Daily Spam Report 4/3: This will self destruct in 10 minutes

missionWe’ve described for you in the past about how emails purportedly from Microsoft will actually come from Microsoft, not from another email. Here’s a link to Microsoft’s own guide on how to avoid phishing scams (

But the reason I’m posting this bonus viewer-submitted Spam Report (thank you Claire B.) today is because I grew up a fan of the Mission Impossible series. Yes, before there was Tom Cruise and the big-budget spectacular films, there was Peter Graves and some really old tape recorders that would “self destruct in five seconds” after he had received his “mission should (he) agree to undertake it.”

You know, he always did agree to undertake it because there wouldn’t have been a program if he hadn’t, but I digress.

Anyhow, Claire said she’s received the email below a few times before forwarding it to me on Tuesday. It tells her her email address is locked up and she needs to click on a link in order to re-activate it. Claire didn’t click on the link and thought it was suspicious, in part because of the poor grammar, so she sent it my way.

I’ve waited before showing this to you all because there’s a line in the body of the email that says the aforementioned link would “self destruct in 10 minutes after mail has been read.” Well, here we are two days later, and it has not self-destructed sadly. I was actually curious to see how that might happen. MITapeSelfDestruct

Without any evidence of it transpiring in this email, allow me to complete your day with the following link to the real thing:

That was good television.

Have a great day and remember to just hit delete.


——– Original message ——–
From: Microsoft Team <>
Date: 03/31/2014 6:18 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Microsoft account place on hold.

Microsoft account
Unusual Login on account
Your Microsoft account was recently access from an unrecognized device.
As part of our Security Policy Agreement between Microsoft and You.
We have temporary place your account on hold.
Please kindly click the Re-verify button below to reactivate your Microsoft account
Re-verify Microsoft account
The above button will self destruct in 10 minutes after mail has been read.
Failure to re-verify your Microsoft account Your account will be disable permanently.
The Microsoft account team