The Daily Spam Report 2/6: Your friend did not die

medium_oak_casketA couple weeks ago, we shared an email sent to the entire Dane County Board that claimed to be from a funeral home and stated “we want to share your sorrow for your dear friend.”

At the time, the obvious tip-off was that they never named the “dear friend” who had allegedly died. The email included a link that, in theory, takes you to “find out more about the farewell ceremony.” We never click on links sent by people we don’t know and one check on line found the Kansas City funeral home in question claimed it had been hacked.

Well now, we have the same basic email from a different “funeral home,” this one in Canton, Texas, which also claims on its website that it’s been hacked and it encourages people not to click on any link in an email from the hacker.

Today’s submission was sent to us by Brian H. because nobody he knew had died and he thought the email looked “fishy.” He was right. It is fishy and not the good kind of fishy that you’d find in a clean Wisconsin lake or river, but more like the smelly, rotting kind that no amount of lemon or spices can clean up.

Please don’t fall for this. It’s not real.

Thanks again Brian for sharing. Have a great day everyone.


On Monday, February 3, 2014 1:23 PM, Eubank Funeral Home <> wrote:

For this unprecedented event, we offer our deepest prayers of condolence and invite to you to be present at the
celebration of your friends life service on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 that will take place at Eubank
Funeral Home at 11:00 a.m.

Please find invitation and more detailed information about the farewell ceremony Here.

Best wishes and prayers,

Funeral home receptionist,
David Nichols

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