The Daily Spam Report 2/26: Political prisoner, gay businessman, or Spam artist?

question markIt’s both rare and extremely gratifying when you catch one of the people sending us unsolicited emails in a flat-out lie.

Take, for example, today’s sender to The Spam Report. He claims his name is Ralph Akoum and that he is a Ugandan businessman who is gay. Because he is gay, he fears “that I might be facing a long term prison or be killed when I am accidentally caught by the wicked government of my country.”

He wants my help transferring $3 million in assets to a bank account here in the United States.

Now, this is extremely compelling. African nations routinely discriminate and persecute based on sexual orientation, but here’s the problem.

Regular readers to this blog may remember from just last week when we featured a note from “Ralph Akomu,” who, in that case, was ” from Harare capital the city of Zimbabwe. I am hidding to contact you from the netherland political asylum camp from the village of wagainingen in the netherlands.”

The notes are from the exact same email addresses, ask you to respond to the same email address which is different from the sender and are both from Ralph Akomu.

I don’t know if Ralph Akomu is a gay African businessman or a Zimbabwean political prisoner hiding out in the Netherlands or a guy sipping an umbrella drink poolside in the Caribbean because enough people have fallen for his scam.

Please don’t be the next one. He’s busted.

Just hit delete.

I’ll be off the next couple days, so we’ll be back next week.

Take care,


Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 5:14 AM
To: Adam Schrager

Dear good friend,

I am Ralph Akomu I am 35 year old from Uganda, I am a hidden gay here in uganda and I am afraid that I might be facing a long term prison or be killed when I am accidentally caught by the wicked government of my country. I am for this reason not comfortable with the live I am living here in uganda and to live a feaful life might be so dangerous to my health.

I am therefore soliciting for your help to transfer my business money to your safe account in your country and immediately this is done I will relocate to meet you and continue a good and free live again. I have the sums of three million three hundred thousands united states dollar which I converted from uganda shilling after some property was sold away from my home. This money is from my father acess in past, and after his death I tooked over all property.

Though I am writting this message does not mean I am happy but I need secret over this discussion because It is a serious issue here hence I am hiding to contact you this moment. I am will to give out to you 20% for your good heart assistant, and I will even make more contact to you because somebody else also want to run from the hurrable country because it is a great disaster now for those who need freedom of movement and speaks.

The government is in control and they went back to old system to enslave this country without freedom. I will be happy as you can guarantee to me of security discussion and transfer without circulating this discussion to the public.

Finally, the military itelligence is moving monitoring all system as well as the fund transfer movement to enable them put a stop to huge amount and label it terrorist fund or what ever they like to call and stop the gays and people choices. To avoid this, we might move this fund through a diplomatic means of transfer or as the banker may advise us which will give us all necessary information and we might be transfer to through Air cargo. Now which ever way of relocating I will appreciate to move my valuable items and come to western world from my free live.

I will appreciate to hear good responds from you, and I will update you of more information over this discussion.

My contact email is

My special greetings,

Ralph Akomu

Uganda business man.