The Daily Spam Report 2/25: Free money from a big bank

Money-IISometimes the most obvious red flag is, in fact, the most important to actually see. Take for example today’s Spam Report which comes from Lue S. in Monona who provided this email below from “Chase Online.”

Now, Chase is a major bank in this country and surely, there are millions of Americans who have accounts with them. Lue is not one of them.

“That made it really easy to delete,” she wrote, “after sending it to you, of course.”

Besides that red flag, how about the first thing I saw when I saw the note she sent. While it says it’s from “Chase Online,” the email address this came from is “”

There is no way a multi-billion dollar company cannot afford its own email address. Of course, it does. It does not request information from its customers through email and has warnings at its site that consumers can look at here.

Don’t know who doorbell21 is and I’m not interested in finding out.

Thanks Lue for sending this in.

If you have an spam email you want to warn your neighbors about, please send it to me: and then, just hit delete.

Have a great day.


———- Forwarded Message ———-
From: “Chase Online”<>
To: Undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Important Notification from Chase Online
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 01:40:49 -0800


You have an incoming payment slated for your account. This transaction cannot be completed due to errors present in your account information.

Please follow the link below to fix this problem immediately.

N:B: JPMorgan Chase has legal rights to return the money back to the account where it was coming from, if you fail to correct these errors within 72 hours of notice. 


Chase Secure Center