The Daily Spam Report 1/27: “Mutual Benefit Business”

spelling-bee-with-abc-chalkboard-thumb4758374My very first boss in this business at WKBT-TV in La Crosse was Anne Paape. She was and is the News Director there and remains a terrific journalist. (

Anne’s first rule when looking to hire is simple: Spell her name correctly. I can’t tell you how many potential candidates get rejected out of hand because they spell either her first or her last name incorrectly in a cover letter.

Her theory has always been: We are in a business that depends on accuracy. If you can’t, with all the time in the world to research, copy-edit and spell-check, accurately spell the name of the person who does the hiring, you cannot be trusted to report the news to the greater La Crosse community.

You can use that theory in the world of finance as well. Do you really want to invest money with someone you’ve never met, who approaches you blindly, and who cannot put nouns and verbs together correctly?

If that makes me a grammar snob, I’m fine with that, but I’d like to think “Mrs Juliana,” if that’s who she/he really is, could have spent a little more time and care in trying to solicit me in the email I’ve posted below.

It’s all the more reason not to fall for something like this. Poor grammar does matter as does the idea that a manager of a major pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, where residents speak numerous languages fluently by the way, will not  be contacting you out of the blue for an investment opportunity.

If you have an email that you want to warn your neighbors about, send it to me and then, just hit delete.

Take care.


—–Original Message—–
From: Mrs Juliana A []
Sent: Friday, January 10, 2014 2:33 PM
Subject: Mutual Benefit Business

Permit me to Introduce Myself as Mrs Juliana a purchasing Manager of Big Pharmaceutical Company In Switzerland. There is this Local Herbal Product (called VGB Seed) used in producing some drugs in our company which is usually very expensive in other countries and very cheap In Belgium.

Actually its also very rare in Belgium but i have sourced a company who has the products and can supply our company’s request at all times has we need this product frequently.

Working in the company doesn’t give me room to travel Moreso, the business is capital intensive and i have got no much money to invest in this business so i decided to source for someone who can invest in the products to meet the requirement of Our Company and get paid Instantly.

The Seed company in Belgium sells the Products in sachet which is $150 per sachet and my company needs minimum of 3500 Pieces every 2 months but in other countries it cost about $400 per sachet so we can sell to my company at 300$ Per sachet in which they will be happy to transact with you always.



1. I will introduce you to my company as a local farmer and i will also give you the details of the seed company in Belgium thereby, you been an Intermediary.

11. Since you are the one investing, I require 20% of profit from you for providing you with such business information.

If You are Interested and Up to the task has stated above, please reply this message with Your Full Profile including Your Mobile Number.


Mrs Juliana Arbeloa.