The Daily Spam Report 12/16: “Attention!!!”

malaysiaWriting this blog is increasing my geographic knowledge exponentially. I mentioned last week that I’ve struggled in the past with the blue or geography category in Trivial Pursuit, but that was before The Spam Report.

In the last four days alone, I’ve received proposals to make me rich from South Africa, Burkina Faso, Slovakia and today’s, from Malaysia.” That gives me three continents as well (Africa, Europe and now, Asia). Still waiting on that pitch from Antarctica or Australia, but let’s look at this one.

It’s pretty easy to debunk. First, there is no International Institute of Finance. There is an organization called The Institute of International Finance (IIF). Maybe Mohammed had a typo or that English is not his first language, so let’s look a step further.

He claims to be from the RUSD bank in Malaysia. Now, the IIF describes itself as “the world’s only global association of financial institutions. Created in 1983 in response to the international debt crisis… Today, the Institute has more than 450 members headquartered in more than 70 countries.”

However, the three members in Malaysia that are on the website are: CIMB Group, Malayan Banking Berhad and the RAM Holdings Berhad. None are the RUSD bank. (

So even if you want to believe that you’ve been singled out by a random Malaysian banker for a “legitimate prospect” to make money, wait for a “legitimate” Malaysian banker to come find you.

Just hit delete and remember, search engines are your friend.


From: Mohamed []
Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2013 3:02 PM
To: Adam Schrager
Subject: Attention!!!

My name is Mohammed Daud Bakar, An executive with the International Institute of Finance, Inc (RUSD) bank Malaysia.

I have a legitimate prospect in my office that will be of great benefit to us, All i require is your honest co-operation, dedication and trust for the success of this deal. I’ll send you details of the proposal if you are interested and any other requirements you desire to confirm the authenticity of this proposal. send email to my personal Address: waiting to hear from you.


Mohammad Bakar