The Daily Spam Report 12/13: “I have a proposal for you.”

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Map of Slovakia

This time of year, it’s estimated that 75% of Americans will give to a non-profit. There’s both the emotional and practical sides to giving right now as any donations given before the end of the year can be noted on your federal income tax return.

The charitable world knows these figures and these reasons which is why there are lots of pitches coming these days, whether by mail, phone or email.

We like to think of ourselves as benevolent, helping those most in need. However, then we get emails like the one below from “Mrs. Haness Russell,” who is “undergoing treatment Cancer of the lungs.”

She proclaims to have funds to give to charities, widows and churches around the world and wants my help. She’s willing to give me 30% to make it happen.

Just like we have area codes for phone numbers in this country, if you’ve ever called overseas, you know there are country codes: numbers you have to dial if you want to reach the United Kingdom, Mexico or China. The internet was set up the same way, so if you receive an email from another country, it could appear with a two-letter abbreviation at the end. It’s basically our version of a .com or a .net.

For example, an email from Canada could have a “.ca” at the end of a sender’s address or an email from Mexico may have an “.mx.”

Mrs. Russell’s email address has an “.sk” at the end. A simple internet search reveals that she’s sending it from Slovakia which is in Central Europe.

Don’t you have to fundamentally wonder why someone from Slovakia is blindly reaching out to you and offering you money to help “her” disperse money? Believing this defies logic. You could say as a Chicago Cubs fan, I do that regularly, but I’m deleting this and I’d suggest you do the same.

Have a great weekend.


—–Original Message—–
From: Mrs. Russell []
Sent: Friday, December 13, 2013 12:34 AM
Subject: I have a proposal for you.


I am Mrs. Haness Russell. I have been undergoing treatment Cancer of the lungs and I have funds to disburse to Charity organizations, churches, and widows around the world, I need your help, you will get 30% from the fund while they will utilize 70%.

I awaiting your immediate responds

Mrs. Russell


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