The Daily Spam Report 12/10: “ATTENTION: Charter Billing Error”

charter_communications_logoHello all and sorry to have taken yesterday off from our Spam-fighting efforts. As challenging as this is, it pales in comparison to chasing three little kids around in the snow and sub-zero temperatures as I did on my day off. Lots of red cheeks and cold hands as snow angels can lead to problems if your mittens are not properly attached.

Anyhow, I digress.

Today’s submission that I’ve posted below takes the deception factor to another level. The original email from Joel actually includes the actual corporate logo of Charter, his internet provider that apparently is having “issues processing (his) billing information.”

Our blogging system won’t allow me to replicate the logo, but it was right there, above the signature line, too big for him to miss. So, if he didn’t believe the text from the “Charter Billing Dept.,” maybe he’d see the logo and think no one would go to that level of production to scam me out of money.

Joel called Charter immediately and learned he had no billing problems. I deduced that the link he was being asked to click took me to a website in Denmark that asked immediately for personal information to “verify” my account. I didn’t go any further, but in the email sent to Joel, it specifically said for him to include “banking details” for backup.

Just because something looks official doesn’t mean that it is. Photoshop is a wonderful and easy-to-use tool that the scamming community has discovered as well.

Thanks Joel for helping warn your neighbors.

Have a great day.


—– Original Message —–
From: Decline Details
To: Undisclosed recipients
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 6:19 AM


Dear Charter Customer,

This is to notify you that we are having issues processing your billing information provided for monthly service payment, might be due to changes in some of your online details with us. We urge you to re-confirm your details with us HERE. And we recommend you add your banking details for service payment backup purpose. To ensure uninterrupted service and avoid a possible reactivation fee.


Charter Billing Dept.