scamMy wife, three kids and I are going to spend Thanksgiving with my family tomorrow. We’ll join a couple of my sisters and their families. The opportunity to be close is why we moved back from Colorado a couple years ago.

It’s special to develop those relationships, build those generational bonds. Seeing my kids learn about their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins has been special.

We’re all about family, so imagine my surprise when I received an email this morning from mrs. Anna Gamba (sic) that starts out, “My Dear Family.”

Now, I am not a genealogist, so I don’t have the exact history of my family tree, but I’m fairly certain it traces back to parts of Europe, both eastern and western. I did not know I had family in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. I’ve heard that it’s nice weather-wise there this time of year, but I don’t know much about the country.

Then, our tale travels to Holland where I read about how her son, Peter, is in a political asylum camp as he tries to get access to two small boxes containing $7,350,000. Apparently, when you’ve filed for political asylum in Holland, you are not allowed to “handle such situation,” so she needs my help.

I love my family and always want to do what I can to help my family. However, in this case, as Thanksgiving is upon us, I will simply hit delete and bring the sweet potato casserole we’re bringing to the feast.

Have a great holiday. The Spam Report take Thursday off and be back on Friday.

From: mrs Anna Gamba []
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 8:31 PM
To: Adam Schrager

My Dear family ,
Good morning, my permission to introduce myself to you I am Mrs. Anna Gamba from Harare capital city of Zimbabwe. I am a widow survived with two children and since the year 2007 I lost my husband to a brief illness which brought sadness to my life and my children lives. Please keep my secret because I believed that we are same family that is why I contact you.
I am writing you this message to explain my family immediate subject about my husband who was into foreign trade. He had a deposit consignment which was two little trunks boxes in Holland private security company before his death which was his trading money. The total amount in the two boxes was seven million three hundred and fifty thousand united states dollars.
I am writing to you to please contact my son peter Gamba who I send to Holland to make the claim but now in the political asylum camp and unable to make the claim.
I have discussed this with him that because he is not allow to handle such situation in Holland been an asylum seeker  that I will send person to help him.
I wish you could help him to claim  the two little trunks boxes and I and my son will give to you 25% of the total money.
This is we have discussed already, and it is secret to the asylum camp authority please contact him at his telephone number and his email below and write back to my mail please to you are reaching him.

TEL.  0031 617 646 561.