The Daily Spam Report 11/25: “Confidential”

confidentialAfter spending an hour navigating traffic, watching Madison collectively forget how to drive since March when we had our last measurable snowfall, I could have really used a doughnut when I finally arrived at work. That would have been the perfect way to ease the stress of my commute.

Instead, I found a turkey (no joke), cooked at least, and an email from my new-found pal, Fawzy Al Sufayeh. I say new-found because I’ve never met him but he still wants me to click a link and let him know my opinion on a Google Doc.

Fawzy, here’s my opinion. I wanted a doughnut. I had to listen to my daughter ask for an orange Tic Tac all the way to school. I needed to swerve twice to avoid people on their cellphones switching lanes on an un-plowed road, cutting me off. And then, I got in to work and ended up down wind from a turkey.

That’s my opinion. Here’s another. Stop trying to get people to click on links sent to them by people they don’t know.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. You too Fawzy.


From: Fawzy Al Sufayeh []
Sent: Sunday, November 24, 2013 3:15 AM
Subject: Confidential

Please go through this documents i uploaded with googledocs and let me know your opinion. CLICK HEREĀ  and login with your email to view.