The Daily Spam Report 11/20: “2014 Conference Invitation”

email-logoUp to now, I’ve only reacted with disdain toward one of the dozens of the spam emails that we’ve featured in this space. That was a play on people’s faith, an effort to appeal to their religious beliefs, to get money for what was clearly a scam.

Today’s submission from Johanna C. marks the second time I’ll show open disgust.

You see, it purports to invite Johanna (who it knows so well it calls her “Sir/Madam”) to a two-part conference dealing with the issue of violence against children, featuring discussions on “Child Labor, Sex Trafficking / Sexual Exploitation of Children and Human Trafficking.”

We can all agree that is an extremely worthy conversation to have and that conferences should be held to put forward best practices worldwide to stop any violence against children. However, there is no organization called the “International Child Right Organization” and there are warnings on line from Europe to the United States that it is a scam (

The email you’re supposed to respond to is an “aol” account, a clear tip-off that it’s not coming from any kind of legitimate non-profit.

Is there much lower on the food chain than the person who would try to take advantage of violence against children to get your personal information for profit? I’d say no.

Please hit delete and thanks Johanna for sharing.


—– Original Message —–
From: Ms. Kate James
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2013 6:54 PM
Subject: 2014 Conference Invitation

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of (ICRO) International Child Right Organization, It is my honor to
invite you to the International conference meeting on Violence against Children, Child Labor, Sex Trafficking / Sexual Exploitation of Children and Human Trafficking taking place from January 23rd- 25th 2014 in Washington DC United States and in Dakar Senegal West Africa from January 27th – 31st 2014.

The aims of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners in an effort to lay a ground work for future collaborative research, advocacy, and program development as well as to educate social service, health care and global financial sectors. The organizers of the event are fully responsible for all
visa arrangements, air tickets and travel assistance.

Registration is open to all interested participants; the interested participants
should be in position of traveling passport for registration and visa
processing, participants are to contact the conference secretariat via Email
below for more information and registration.

We thank you for taking out your time in your busy scheduled to attend this
conference meeting with us and we hope to see you at the event venue.

Ms. Kate James
Resources and Administration Manager