The Daily Spam Report 10/22: “A cash sum”

money-pileMY DESK: MADISON –

Tammy Slay swears at 4 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 4, she was asleep at home in Washington County, Florida. Yet, that’s when thousands of emails were being sent out through her government address. One of them went to Betty in Stoughton who contacted us to see if the “cash sum” the email promised was legitimate.

After all, the email came from a real government account and at the bottom, it had official looking language regarding Florida open records law. Betty sent it to The Daily Spam Report to check out.

The irony here is that Tammy Slay, the Victim Witness Coordinator for Florida’s 14th Judicial Circuit, is now herself a victim.

“My computer got spammed,” she told me on the phone this morning. “The IT people here at the State’s Attorney office never figured out how they got past all the barriers we have up. We don’t have any idea how it happened.”

She’s changed email addresses and computers and said she was sorry about a dozen times in our conversation. It just goes to show even the most secure of computer accounts can become infected by spammers.

There’s one other interesting component to this email though that I wanted to point out. I Google’d the name Allen Large because it sounded familiar to me and here’s what I found.

Allen and his wife, Violet, won a huge Canadian lottery prize back in 2010 and did give nearly all of it away to family members, churches and other charitable organizations. The story made international news at the time because of the generosity of the Large family, but a more recent story made news this spring. That one discusses how Allen and Violet’s names are now being used in a host of scams from people promising that they can get some of the winnings.

For more on that, click here for a Canadian television news story about how the Large family is struggling to deal with the topic:

Anyhow, thanks to Betty for sending this in and please, don’t fall for this.


From: “Slay, Tammy” <>
Sent: Friday, October 4, 2013 05:50:118 EDT
Subject: Donation

A cash sum has been approve to you from our personal donation. For more details contact only this email id:
Allen V Large

Please be advised that Florida has a broad public records law,
and all correspondence to me via e-mail may be subject to disclose. Under Florida Law e-mail
addresses are public record. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a
public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead contact this office
by phone or in