Sharing the same podium as Arthur Koehler: 79 years later

rotary talkThis week, I had the great honor to speak before the Madison chapter of The Rotary Club. Growing up in Evanston, Illinois, home of the first ever Rotary chapter, I always knew that building as the one right across from my favorite pizza place. Through the years though, I’ve been educated specifically about the great work Rotary has done helping to eradicate polio all over the world.

I was there to discuss “The Sixteenth Rail,” the story of Arthur Koehler’s wood detection and Sherlock Holmes-like botanical detective skills that helped solve the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case. What was even more amazing is that it’s a story Koehler himself shared at the Madison Rotary Club in the summer of 1935.

Here’s a link to an article written about the talk:

Thanks to my friend, Bob Delaporte, for taking the picture that accompanies this post.