NPR’s Science Friday: “Science Book Picks for 2013”

scifri_logoSo, my parents go to Florida every winter to get away from the arctic Chicago winds and to reduce their overall stress. My father is the first male in his family to make it past the age of 65 because of heart disease.

I share this with you to let you know he nearly went into cardiac arrest as he listened to NPR’s Science Friday a couple days ago and heard my name and “The Sixteenth Rail,” my project about Arthur Koehler, in a conversation about the best Science books of 2013. After he caught his breath, he had my mother call me here at the station as he was still a little too worked up.

I’m blown away by to put it mildly. To even be mentioned in the same conversation as “Five Days at Memorial,” which continues to haunt me more than a month after I’ve read it, is an honor that’s hard for me to fathom.

If you want to hear the conversation about the book, click here: